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Come and join an amazing group of people who are pushing themselves to break their goals every day. Be it in our weekly, monthly or yearly challenges.

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What makes us Different?

We know that there are many different virtual running events out there but we can promise you that none are as exciting or as interesting as ours.

We think that its a little boring to just sign up to an event, submit a photo of your Strava or FitBit, and recive your medal. It misses out on the most enjoyable part of running, meeting people and encouraging others to hit their goals!

That's why here at Rasselbock Running we make our virtual events unique and engaging throughout. We hold mini challenges, competitions and you can collect badages and tropies along the way for hitting important milestones.

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How it all works


Select your event

Choose from our exciting selection of virtual events. be it a weekly, monthly or yearly challenge.


Enter your steps

Enter your steps on the events site every day or every week. We allow you to add your steps manually (with proof), or via Strava. We want you to be as engaged in the Rasselbock community as possible which is why we do not offer a million ways to automatically update your steps and distance.


Share your progress and recieve your medal!

Collect milestone badges as you go along and take part in mini competitions throughout the event. Compete against other runners during the event as you encourage each other and engage in some light banter! Once its all over you'll recieve your awesome medal through the post.

Bespoke Virtual Events

Are you looking for a bespoke virtual event for your running club, company or charity?

We have experience with creating bespoke virtual events from step challenges to charity vs charity challenges. We can can control all aspects of the event form sign ups, medal production and distribution at the end of the event and everything inbetween. No idea is too big or to small, you're limited only by your imagination. Just drop us a message and we can help bring your virtual event to life.

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The Leveller

After fundraising and supporting Spinal charities over the past 8 years and taking parrt in multiple virtual events, I had noticed that there was never anything for disabled people to compete against everyone else on a level board. So, for the first event I created "The Leveller". A system which is designed to level the playing field so that everyone completes their event on the same level.

Why is this important?

Well it means that everyone can compete together and against each other whilst still working at the same effort levels. The leveller can be personalized by each user so that they can compete fairly as a dissability is never the same for everyone.

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